Strike Fighters Gold

Strike Fighters Gold 8.10

Strike Fighters Gold is a flight simulation game developed by Third Wire

Strike Fighters Gold is a jet combat simulation PC game developed by Third Wire Productions. This is a renewed release of Strike Fighters: Project 1 and it is set in a fictional conflict which takes place in the Middle East, the involved nations are the Kingdom of Dhimar and the Empire of Paran, and it covers the period of time between the years 1950 and 1970. Jet powered aircraft technology development was still in a rudimentary stage, but making great and fast advances.
This version of the game is reached after applying a patch available on the developer's site for free.

You can choose among various flyable aircrafts which include some of the most well known jets of that time, such as F-100D Super Sabre, A-4 Skyhawk, and F-4 Phantom II. You will fight against the AI controlled Parani aircraft including three MiG versions, An-12 Cub, Il-28 Beagle, Su-7 Fitter and Tu-22 Blinder.

There are several campaigns where you will participate in frantic air combat events while flying over Middle Eastern-like sandy terrain. You have various forces to join to: USAF, Navy, Marines, or a Mercenary special unit.

To sum up, if you always wanted to fly a jet of the first era and engage in thrilling high altitude dogfights, this is your chance to do it.

Review summary


  • Realistic flight simulation


  • Does not work on Vista
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